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TFZ Cyclone Hot Fire Foundry Furnace, Casting Furnace, Melting Furnace, Forge & Kiln

Propane Foundry Furnace, Melting Furnace, Smelting Furnace, Metal Casting -

TFZ Cyclone Foundry Furnace is the Most Advanced Dual Combustion Chamber Foundry Melting Casting Furnace of its Type and Size in The World.

Exclusive Designed Cyclonic Dual Combustion Chamber Delivers Powerful Results.
TFZ Cyclone Foundry Furnace Combustion Chamber TFZ Cyclone Dual Combustion Chamber Foundry Melting Casting Furancee Top View 1
Large Volume 8" x 12" Chamber Ideal for Large Metal Castings, Melting, Forging and Kiln Work.
Special Cyclonic Combustion maintains perfect flame control for the diameter and length of the furnace.
This model also features a Special Hi-Temp Ceramic Chamber Core Coating with many long term benefits.

Melt Scrap Cast Bullion Bars Ingots Gold Silver Aluminum Copper Brass Lead Tin Zinc Pewter!
Forge Metals & Kiln Materials!

Hot Fire Cyclone Foundry Furnace -

Cyclonic Hot Fire Action Gives You...
Faster Melts
Better Melts
Longer Crucible / Pot Life
Better Fuel Economy
Increased Productivity
Increased Profitability

Its Hi-Performance and Simple to use.
Adjustable Hi-BTU Heat Source with Clean Propane Fuel.

All Standard traditional everyday foundry furnaces use a simple single hollow cylinder design combustion chamber which has many inherent short comings that can not be avoided by that type design. This includes disruptive air / fuel / heat patterns that create wide temperature variances, hot spots, cold spots, thermal stress, wasted fuel / heat / time / money and premature damage to both furnace and vessels regardless of how you center or offset the heat source.

No More Destructive Hot Spots.
No More Boiling Vaporizing Metals.
No More Premature Thermal Shock Vessel Failure.
No More Wasted Fuel.
No More Wasted Time.
No More Wasted MONEY!

The Foundry Zone Cyclone uses a Special Engineered Dual Combustion Synergy System of a Hi-Efficiency Vortex Cyclonic Combustion Chamber which then creates a Uniform Tornado Spin Feeding the Afterburner Upper Cylinder Combustion Chamber.

Dual Combustion Chambers   Cyclonic Vortex Circulation
  TFZ Cyclone Dual Combustion Chamber Foundry Melting Casting Furance Inside View
Input Flame Uniformly Tunnels Around Lower Chamber at Great Velocity Creating a Whirlwind of Circular Fire with Tornado Spin into upper chamber with Complete Combustion and Maximum Heat Efficiency.

Economics 101

In Foundry work Your Consumables (Fuel, Crucibles, Melting Pots, Additives, Time.) are your expense. The TFZ Cyclone Hot Fire Foundry Furnace can save you money in all these areas with Faster Melts, Better Melts, Longer Crucible / Pot Life and Increased Productivity. Your Equipment Pay Back Time Is Quicker and So Is Your Profitability.

This Dual Cyclonic Combustion maintains perfect flame control for the diameter and length of the furnace. This also means No More Massive Destructive Hot Spots, Uniform Heat Distribution and Minimal Thermal Stress On Your Expensive Crucibles / Melting Pots and NO BOILING SPOTS VAPORIZING Your Metals. This also adds to the life of your furnace and wallet.

Some metals are HIGHLY TOXIC when Boiled / Vaporized and Some metals are HIGHLY EXPENSIVE to waste BOILING. So why buy a cheaply designed and made furnace? This Made in USA Technology involves many steps and high quality materials to help you avoid the normal problems standard furnaces have.

This unit is made to commercial standards with solid refractory cements throughout and inner Hi-Temp ceramic coatings both for longer life. No short cuts are taken by use of less expensive refractory's like ceramic blankets.

Size Matters

This is a one to two man work horse furnace depending on the size Crucible / Melt Pot you are using and type of metal you are melting. 

The Base Unit:15" Wide x 20" Tall (24" tall with stand) with a 8" x 12" Melting Chamber for Small to Large Pours.  It is powered by a Very Hi-Temp Adjustable 400,000 BtU Propane Gas Fuel Torch More than capable of Melting Gold, Silver, Copper and Brass.  This means you have a Full Range of Metal Melting Capacity Under the Base Metal 2,000 degree scale and from one to two man size crucible melts.  Note: a maximum one man melting pot and tool is available as an option with this furnace.  A special order two man melting pot (6.5 x 10 x 1/4" thick) can be made upon request.  Contact us to discuss it.

Quality Matters


We proudly bare the Made in USA Logo and had to qualify to show it.  You can rest assured you have high quality materials assembled thoughtfully to work as one cohesive functioning unit.  This fine casting furnace will pay for itself quickly and for many years to come and allows you a fast start up so you can concentrate on other matters around your core equipment.

Your Brand New Custom Made Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Foundry Casting Melting Furnace, Forge & Kiln comes with a Two Piece Custom Designed Furnace section built around a Specially Engineered Cyclonic Combustion Chamber that has a Hi-Temp 3,000 degree Ceramic Bottom Chamber Core Coating for better performance and longer life, Internal Vessel Pedestal, Heavy Duty Base Lifting Handles, Easy Lift Quick Heat Lid, all resting on a Heavy Duty Four Leg Off Ground Stand and a Hi-Temp Propane Torch with Basic Flame Adjustment Valve, 10 foot hose and connection fittings, Plus Furnace Operations Manual Including Foundry Safety Information. You just provide the propane tank, metal to melt, melting pot and your ready to go using generally accepted safe foundry practices.

 Propane Foundry Furnace, Melting Furnace, Smelting Furnace, Metal Casting -
This model also features a Special Hi-Temp Ceramic Chamber Core Coating with many long term benefits.
● Make it much more durable in the hot zone / abuse zone and add possibly years of life to your unit.
● Make for a smooth impermeable spill zone to stop molten metal damage.
● Make molten metal drops, leaks and spills easier to clean up.

Why Ceramics?

Technical Hi-Temperature Refractory Ceramics (Oxides: alumina, beryllia, ceria, zirconia) are very tough rouged materials.
Ceramic materials are hard, strong, protective, and isolating. Ceramics generally can withstand very high temperatures, to 1,600 °C /  3,000 °F and some even more. They can also provide chemical erosion from acidic or caustic environments of flux usage in foundry work which can quickly destroy your common foundry furnace.

This custom made specially designed highly versatile large capacity melt chamber foundry furnace is additionally protected and insulated using high quality expensive ceramics technology in the core heat chamber floor area. This adds much desired durability in the weakest most abused part of the furnace, seals tightly closed and smoothes generally course and porous refractory cements allowing for Teflon like protection from molten metal leaks, drips, spills, and catastrophic crucible failures with easier clean up. It also adds in insulative qualities and molecular heat damage resistance to normal refractory materials the furnace is made of adding longevity and cost savings in damage repairs, replacements. Although this ceramic material is very costly compared to other refractory materials it offers quick payback benefits to your over all investment and usage costs. and increase fuel efficiencies. There are after purchase options available including additional ceramic upgrades and protection. This may be the only gas fired unit of it's type with this ceramic core protection and additional available options.

Play Video
Here is a similar same design furnace in action.

This unit is made of the finest special custom blend high temp mix (2400F maximum temp) available and has been heat cured for several days and ready for use after a short on site 15 min low flame burn in period. Much is engineered into this quality furnace design beyond what is seen on the surface for performance and usefulness over many years of service to come. It is painted with special high temp paints comes with the base furnace unit, fast hearth heat up lid, crucible pedestal, high temp adjustable propane torch and operations manual.

* The heating source torch associated with this foundry furnace maybe altered or substituted during or after sale by seller other then the one shown herein as pictured with an alternative heating torch of equal or better suitability as deemed fit for this unit. Optional torch purchase is available for buyer from that available by seller.

Casting Furnace Flame & Drain Port Casting Furnace Flame & Drain Port
FAIL / SAFE – Feature
Torch rests on guard support with drain allowance room underneath torch.

FAIL / SAFE – Feature Built> FAIL: The most critical part of all melting / casting procedures is the melting pot / crucible for the molten metal in which ALL are susceptible to failure.  Even the finest most expensive crucibles can shatter or fail when least expected and is why you should have good precautionary foundry practices in place. Whether it is a pinhole leak or a catastrophic crucible fracture, liquid molten metal released inside the furnace can ruin it or make clean up a time consuming dangerous project. That’s why this unit has been ported for escape of molten metal at the bottom of the unit through the torch hole. Many furnaces do not have this option and which can short electronics, clog flame devices, and or make metal removal impossible.
SAFE: This drain feature should be matched by using this unit in a dry containment tray, sand box or dirt area to catch any escaping liquid metal should the melting pot or crucible fail. This provides a good Fail / Safe combination of the furnaces design and precaution to contain any possible drainage. After the failed vessel has emptied, the unit can be tilted in the direction of the port hole while hot to drain any remaining metal in the units floors reservoir or remove when cooled. This provides a double layer of protection with controlled containment.

This is a easy to use manually operated foundry melting furnace. Simply adjust and monitor the torch flame for the metal project at hand, then remove metals from furnace in melting pot when ready to pour.

Elements Symbol Melting Point Fahrenheit Melting Point Celsius
Pewter © 338-446 170-230
Tin Sn 450 232
Lead Pb 621 327
Zinc Zn 786 419
Aluminum Al 1218 659
Bronze (90 Cu 10 Sn) Cu+Sn 1562-832 850-1000
Brass (85 Cu 15 Zn) Cu+Zn 1652-1724 900-940
Silver Ag 1762 961
Gold Au 1946 1063
Copper Cu 1981 1083
Cast Iron C+Si+Mn+Fe 2300 1260
Manganese Mn 2300 1260
Monel Ni+Cu+Si 2400 1301
Steel-High Carbon Cr+Ni+Mn+C 2500 1353
Inconel Ni+Cr+Fe 2540 1393
Stainless Steel Cr+Ni+Mn+C 2550 1363
Silicon Si 2588 1420
Medium Carbon Cr+Ni+Mn+C 2600 1427
Nickel Ni 2646 1452
Low Carbon Cr+Ni+Mn+C 2700 1464
Iron Fe 2786 1530
Chromium Cr 3034 1615
Platinum Pt 3215 1768
Titanium Ti 3263 1795
Tungsten W 5432 3000
Carbon C 6512 3600

The difference between scrap prices and High prices are melted clean metals in a usable form.

Make sure you have the appropriate needed safety gear, propane tank, crucible, and working tools and you're on your way to making some serious money with this foundry furnace. The deep well Large Capacity 12" deep x 8" wide Deep Hearth allows for some serious volume melts that can maximize your work to time ratios with larger pours.

3,000 degree ceramic furnace floor coating Propane Foundry Furnace, Melting Furnace, Smelting Furnace, Metal Casting -  Propane Foundry Furnace, Melting Furnace, Smelting Furnace, Metal Casting - 
Special Built In Hi-Temp Ceramic Feature 
This custom made swirl design furnace heart has a very expensive 3,000 degree ceramic furnace floor coating.  It offers additional heat protection, furnace life longevity, resistance to metal spill damage, and easier removal of spilled metal.
What You Get.
Your purchase includes the furnace base with Hi-Temp Ceramic Chamber Core Coating and Engineered Cyclonic Combustion Chamber, Vessel Pedestal, Quick Heat Lid, Four Leg Built in Stand, Hi-Temp Propane Torch with Basic Flame Adjustment Valve, 10 foot hose and connection fittings.  Propane Tank NOT included and only pictured for Furnace size comparison.

The core of your foundry work is your Foundry Furnace.  Owning one like this only makes and sense too.  Your work will be easier and pay back time shorter with less wasted energy, time or effort.

Also, this specially designed propane furnace delivers just the proper maximum amount of heat required to quickly melt metals up to silver, gold, copper on the heat scale and at an affordable price of both heat and furnace. Unlike electric furnaces which are very expensive, delicate, break often with costly repair bills (if repairable at all) this unit is durable, long lasting and won't get damaged at all under normal use let alone instantly like electric units by molten metal and flux splashes which are just part of melting / smelting metals. You get your monies worth upfront and for years afterwards with this unit plus daily profits each time you use it.


Manually operated Foundry Furnace

Made in the USA -

Foundry Casting

Foundry casting (the work of melting and pouring liquid metal into molds) is done successfully millions of times a day by jewelers, dentists, hobbyist, artists, metal scrappers, to large industrial castings concerns by the tonnage weights. Casting metals can be as safe as boiling water on a stove top then pouring it from one container to another when done thoughtfully and properly, only at much higher temperatures. The same simple principles apply; use the appropriate equipment and do not come in contact with the heat by means of separation, control, safe handling, precautionary measures and common sense.  This unit provides what you need for small to sizable melts and pours for a wide variety of foundry work.

Professional Vs. Homemade
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TFZ Cyclone Hot Fire Foundry Furnace, Melt Pot & Tools TFZ Cyclone Hot Fire Foundry Furnace 
Made Just For You
Complete Custom Made Special Order Unit As Shown Above Out of Box Ready to Use.
Price: 995.00
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All the design and labor work is already done for you. 
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 TFZ Cyclone Hot Fire Foundry Furnace, Melt Pot & Tools
Total Chamber Hi-Temp Ceramic Coating Upgrade,
Add Heat Protection, Durability, Extended Service Life.
Complete Torch Line Assembly Upgrade, Adjustable Flow Control Valve with Flame Burst Lever, Handle and Line Pressure Gas Regulator. Custom Mid-Size 1 Man Multi-Purpose Foundry Tool & Melting Pot, Features All in One Combination Safe Side Lifting and Pouring.
Price: 175.00
Price: 125.00
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