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Foundry / Casting

The Foundry is dedicated to those who deal with metals and casting work with temperature ranges up to 2,000 F / 1093 C which include a wide range of wonderful and extremely important metals (Gold ● Silver ● Aluminum ● Copper ● Brass ● Bronze ● Lead ●Tin ● Zinc ● Pewter).  Although there are many metals that can be cast over that temperature range (up to a thousand plus degrees more), the principles are amazingly the same.

While this page is being re-designed to better serve your informational needs we want to leave you three basic foundry videos that can give you some basic foundry casting information to learn from in the mean time.  You will see on the Higher Temperature Steel Foundry Video that again the principles are the same.  Also it is interesting to see how the world around you is shaped and made out of metals and how it is done.  

Low Temperature Aluminum Casting a>

Two Piece Mould and Procedure

High Temperature Steel Casting