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Foundry Income and Profits
Make Money by Recycling Metals, Refining Metals, Casting Work, Repair Work, Crafts, Jewelry, etc.

There are many ways to make money with foundry work and metals.
Here are just a few...

Recycling Scrap Metal Into Valuable Ingots / Bullion and Machinable Bars, Blocks, Rounds, etc..
Designing / Copying Objects into Molds to Metal Cast Then Sell Like Metal Art, Buckles, Parts, etc
Metal Part Repair Service, Copy / Make Damaged Hard to Find, Obsolete, or Expensive OEM Parts.
New Design Prototype Service, Big Money in Making a Design Come into Tangible Form.
Low Volume Part Production in Sand or Lost Foam/Wax Casting for Big Profits.

The truth is you don't have to have a lot of money to start or be a big company to make money with metals, foundry work and casting. Just get the basic equipment, knowledge and start. Things add up quickly when you double or triple your money over time and doing that part time alone can be better than what many people do full time!


Let's start with the Raw Materials.  Everything has to start somewhere right?

a. A mass of metal, such as a bar or block, that is cast in a standard shape for convenient storage or shipment.

Bil·let - Metalworking
a. A small, usually rectangular bar of iron or steel in an intermediate stage of manufacture.
b. A small ingot of nonferrous metal.

a. gold or silver considered in mass rather than in value.
b. gold or silver in the form of bars or ingots.

As you can see these words all refer to metals that are all ready prepared metals and not in raw earth ore form or scrap form.  Basically they are metals that have been melted and cleaned of unwanted impurities with heat, fluxes and slang removal.  With this you can include making useful Bars, Blocks, Rounds, Flats and other usable shapes for machining purposes. 

Here is a simple example of an Aluminum Ingot made from the everyday soda / beer can.  To start with aluminum cans are really very high grade Alloy 6061 aluminum.  It's the most versatile of the heat-treatable aluminum alloys and widely used.  That means big market, big demand when in a useable form and is where that beverage can got it's start.

To make this Ingot, mostly other cans were collected for recycling many of which cash was traded for at around 50 cents a pound or gotten for free as many are disposed of freely.  Many large metal scrap yards and recycling centers do this and then they get paid more of course by the large smelters who then melt these cans by the tons in very large expensive furnaces.  In the process the decorative coatings, linings or other containments are burnt up and rise to the top like oil on water to form a substance called slag.  This slag is skimmed off, while fluxes are added to help this process and also de-gas the liquid metal and then it is poured into molds that when cooled are called Ingots. 

Now, from these ingots, thousands of different aluminum products can be made including of course more beverage cans.  But the price difference for these ingots and the scrap aluminum that made them can be hundreds of percent more expensive or "valuable"  than the scrap metal that made them. 

Ingots of course come in many different sizes and weights.  Some are very small for use by others who re-melt then cast other objects from them, some are larger for the same purpose and more, and some are very large for large casting, extrusions, metal rolling / forming, machining, etc  Regardless of the size, one thing remains the same... The buyer / user of this ready to use metal now pays more money for it then the one who paid 50 cents a pound or the one who processed it.  Your local machine shop is a good example.  They may only need a 4" x 6" piece that weighs 4 pounds but pay $3.50 to $5.00 a pound for it!  Get it?  If you doubt this, go to the local hardware store to buy aluminum tube, bar, rod, etc and see for yourself!

One exciting thing to know is you can do all this too and without the big expense of large equipment, big buildings, employees and the costly overhead the big guys have.  Yes, this can be done on a much smaller simplier scale and very profitably as a one or two person operation; with no shortage of raw materials to process or lack of customers to sell to.  Just get your Low Cost Special Hi-Temp Foundry Melting Furnace up and running  and you will find that Metals are a daily needed item and recycling is the main source of providing these metals to all those who need them. Remember there are many things you can do with metals once you have the means to melt and pour them properly which opens you up to many other different income streams all from one core piece of equipment.  If its income you want then treat this seriously and you will get it.  If its a hobby / craft / enjoyment learning thing, you'll have that too.  If its a survivalist trade/barter thing you want to know and have if the world economy takes a dump, then you will be a very important person to know and deal with.  In all cases, foundry work is thousands of years old for all these reasons, yet few people know the trade or the secrets to it which others don't like to share all that much.  Here, you can get your start and take it in your favorite direction afterwards.

About Metal Spot Prices: The spot price of metals is based on paper contracts for delivery of tons of pure metal ingots. When you're not prepared to pay for and take delivery of tons of metal, that spot price will quickly become a huge understatement of the real price of that metal. When you want to buy just a few pounds of aluminum for example, you're looking at substantially higher prices, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x more. Moreover, once you own physical aluminum ingots from your efforts, make absolutely sure you never sell for the spot price of aluminum. That's because it's hard to get investment / ingot grade aluminum or any metal in physical form without paying for it, so you've got something special on your hands and make sure to extract the full value when you're selling and understand the reverse when buying!

Of course when you talk about the word Bullion you are generally talking about Gold & Silver which many people also refine on a small scale from old jewelry, trinkets, tableware, electronics, etc.  Regardless of how they refine it down to purity, they still need a way to melt it (Hi-Temp Foundry Melting Furnace) and then pour (cast) it into new usable shapes, forms or ingots.  These are generally measured in Troy ounces.  The large Mints and Governments get to play with the big ones but most people deal with the smaller sizes.  Gold in 1 to 5 oz t and Silver 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 oz t are popular.  Because of the prices of Gold and Silver, Copper isClick to see what you need. Scrap to Cash becoming the new Silver and Gold to own in bullion form too.  After all, these three metals have been used as money for thousands of years by hundreds of governments and countries.  Scrap wire, copper pipe, fittings, and fixtures all can be melted down and cast into ingots/bullion on a small scale very easily.

Again what is needed are the tools of the trade, Special Hi-Temp Foundry Melting Furnace and accessories (melting pots/crucibles, handling tools, ingot forms, safety gear), scrap to melt AND Knowledge!  Is there money in it for you?  That would depend on whether you are only a thinker or a thinker. AND also a Doer.  Pick one of the many ways to make money in metal casting, then DO IT!

Melt Scrap Cast Bullion Bars Ingots Gold Silver Aluminum Copper Brass Lead Tin Zinc Pewter!
Forge Metals & Kiln Materials!

Make Money by Recycling Metals, Refining Metals, Casting Work, Repair Work, Crafts, Jewelry, etc

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars a Year In Common Metals are Just Discarded Unknowingly as Trash.

Now you can turn Trash to Cash Like Aluminum Cans at .50 scrap a pound to Double, Triple spot price and even more.

Click to see what you need.

Does your bank give you that kind of return on your money?

Start a small scale, low over head, and high profitable business quickly with this high quality but inexpensive Casting Foundry Furnace. It is the core of your foundry operation and gives you what you need for a professional low cost quick start business or hobby. 
For thousands of years metals have made the world around us better and even more so today. The need for metals to make things with is constant and recycling metals for others or your own use is very profitable. Also, in today’s economy many people and businesses are repairing currently owned equipment with needed parts for far less money then buying completely new which makes this perfect for high profit low cost replacement parts castings.

Precious Metals and Refining Work is easy with this large hearth high temperature furnace.  The truth is the HUGE dollar value between scrap metal prices and Bullion / Ingot prices is simple melting and cleaning of the metals mostly with high heat and cheap flux.  You make hundreds of percent in profit by doing it yourself.  What ROI percent is the bank giving you?  From old plumbing, car parts to scrap wire or cans, you can make ingots that sell for hundreds of percent in profits for metal collectors or others who cast metals into other objects or get into precious metal refining and use this furnace for your melting casting needs.

Hi-Temp Ceramic Core Casting Foundry Furnace - Click for more detailsThe Core of your Metal Casting Foundry Work is your Foundry Furnace and not a place to cut corners. That’s why owning a quality one from TFZ only makes dollars and sense too. TFZ Furnaces are widely known for durability, dependability and affordability, your work will be easier and pay back time shorter with less wasted work time, effort or fuel. Your time is valuable and limited and you deserve the Best, so maximize it with the right Furnace from TFZ.

The difference between scrap prices and High prices are melted clean metals in a usable form.

Machine shops... Are you foolishly selling your aluminum cut offs at scrap prices only to buy them back at 6 to 9 times the price???
scrapers... Have machine shops to lazy to melt their own metals? Do it for them at a buy back price that's a win win for all.

Earn extra income with this foundry furnace or a complete new business.
Copper is becoming the new Silver and Gold. Turn scrap into valuable tradable ingots.
Survivalist item. We are all hearing about possible catastrophes were your survival may depend on what skills and items you have to trade with. This is one of those items. 

The truth is you don't have to have a lot of money to start or be a big company to make money with metals, foundry work, or casting. Just get the basic equipment, knowledge and start. Things add up quickly when you double or triple your money over time and doing that part time alone can be better than many people do full time!  Also, there is NO SHORTAGE of Scrap Metals for you to turn into cash.  Everybody has some and few people know what they are really worth or what to do with them if they did. Just make it easy for them to give it to you or offer them a couple pennies over the scrap yard price and you have all you need to turn into cash fast.

Many tons of all types of finished retail metals in small quantities are purchased every day within a couple hundred miles of most people for countless reasons. Many of these people are in business, many educational, many hobbyist, many do repairs, many investors, plus many more. With the landscape of business changing yearly with both rising costs and end prices along with fewer and fewer middle men in the supply chain working on competitive and smaller margins you are positioned well as a metal source provider to sell to all of them.

An example being would be to generate a list of all machine shops in a given distance you would like to supply to. Then by email, mail, website of your own, other advertising sites, you make known to them what you have when available. They are concerned with profits and cutting raw material costs which adds to their bottom line. Do the same for as many other user categories you want to sell to such as trade schools or regular school work shops, hobby groups and stores, etc. Also, there are auction sites like eBay, Oodle and more, and sale sites like, Amazon, craigslist, Yahoo Classifieds, Windows Live Expo, US Free Ads and many many more of both free, set price, and commission.

Raw materials are like air, food and water needed on a daily basis for things to keep going. The bottom line is their are plenty of daily new and repetitive buyers all in need of raw materials and many inexpensive ways to reach them. Many are to small to do business with the big companies and are used to paying high prices for small amounts.  But no one is going to do the work for you and you have to start producing to start selling. As you start doing you build up a customer base and more ways of finding them and reaching them to the point you are comfortable at leveling off at.

For other ways to make money with Foundry work click the Casting Tab on the menu bar to learn more about Casting.