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Multi-Purpose Foundry Tools & Melting Pots

Proprietary Designs by The Foundry Zone

When it comes to high temperatures and molten metal safety and the right tools matter. Save your testosterone muscle talk for the gym or bar but not the foundry.

Metal is heavy especially at the end of a pole and molten liquid metal is extremely fluid which needs to be controlled. This combination of HOT heavy liquid weight and control is what the The Foundry Zone makes easier and safer for you with our originally designed Multi-Purpose Foundry Tools and matching melting pots.

We offer you the just the right size for metal type by temperature and weight plus molten metal volume.  From heavy lead to copper or lighter weight  aluminum we have the pot and tool for you to match our custom made furnaces.

Safety First!

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For thousands of years and to this very day most people have and still do stand in front of a Hot Furnace belching scorching hot exhaust gas to bend over into it and dig out a pot of molten metal up to several thousand degrees hot.  Stupid and Scary you think... ? 

The very first time you get up close to a screaming red/orange/yellow/white hot furnace core to reach in and pull out the pot of molten metal every sensible brain cell in your head will be saying this is nuts, and you're right...  If you're doing it the Old Way!  ---  We do things a Better Way, a Safer Way!

Every drop a cup, glass or can of liquid and get Splash Back all over you?
That's why we ONLY Design, Make and Sell - Multi-Purpose Side Remove & Pour Tools

The Safer Smarter Easier Way is to use our specially designed Multi-Purpose Foundry Tools  and Custom Melting Pots.  These well thought out tools PULL the Hot Pot out of the Furnace Core FROM  the SIDE of the Furnace and not while standing directly in Front of and over the Hot Exhaust Gas, Molten Metal and Splash Back Zone.  It gives you MORE Distance and MORE CONTROL without fighting direct straight on exhaust / metal heat.

Large Pot, Heavy Pour, Two Man System Shown Above.

Small Pot, Light Pour, One Man System Shown Below.

Common Sense and Good Designs of our Multi-Purpose Foundry Tools let you Retrieve, Carry and Pour all in one smooth action and in a much safer way.

Made in USA -

    Our Products are Custom Made in the USA

Model Description Price

TFZ Cyclone Foundry Furnace is the Most Advanced Foundry Melting Casting Furnace of its Type and  - Click for more details
Mid-Size 1 Man Multi-Purpose Foundry Tool & Melting Pot

Ideal for smaller pours and weights

This tool can used by one person to safely remove the custom steel pot from the furnace side then pour with a simple twist of the tool.
 Price: 295.00

Large-Size 2 Man Multi-Purpose Foundry Tool & Melting Pot

Ideal for larger pours and heavy weights.  This pot can swallow a 1 gallon paint can.  Removes the custom steel pot from the furnace side then tilts the pot to pour with a special titling bar.
Price: 495.00

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